Know Us

Series 1

Inspired by the very first production of Landrover, Series 1 is here with a heritage theme-based tour for the first time in Darjeeling.

With the vision of taking people back to the yesteryears of the colonial era, explore the rich heritage sites of Darjeeling in first-ever land rover that will deliver you with an ultimate travel experience to the group and individuals around the world.

Mission and Vision


Series one believes that travel is a life-changing experience, through which we gain knowledge and understanding of the world around us. Our mission is to take you back to the old colonial days by providing heritage tours. To deliver high-quality innovative services to the tourists by showing around various famous landmarks and other destinations throughout Darjeeling on one of our vintage rides.


Our vision is to recreate the image of Darjeeling as a  Heritage and a colonial place. To make Darjeeling tour the most desirable and memorable destination for people all
around the world.